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after school snacks

Top 5 After-School Snacks

Do your kids come home after school demanding a snack? After a full day of playing and learning, it makes sense they want something to eat! Instead of providing cheesy crackers or microwave pizzas, here are 5 delicious, protein-rich snacks for your kiddos. These are easy to prepare in advance and can be pulled out of the fridge as the kids get off the bus:

  • 1. Eggs are an "egg-cellent" source of protein! Prepare these green eggs and ham for a healthful twist on deviled eggs. If you have any leftover ham (or other meat) from last night's dinner, here is a delicious way to use it up! Serve extra filling on whole wheat crackers or toast.
  • 2. If your child prefers sweeter snacks, try some fruit with a Greek yogurt dip. This dip counts for two food groups: protein and dairy. Serve with any fruit! Frozen bananas or berries pair well with this sweet and creamy dip.
  • 3. Slice cucumber into thick circles to be the "bread" of the sandwich. Fill with lean deli meats, like turkey or chicken or try hummus for a vegetarian alternative. If you want to include calcium, provide low-fat cheese, like cheddar or provolone as a dairy source. Let your kids create their own sandwiches.
  • 4. Use half a pitted avocado as your bowl and fill with tuna or chicken salad. The avocado will provide healthy fats. You can also fill it with bean salad or whole wheat pasta salad for added protein and fiber. If you're out of avocados, try filling half a tomato, pepper or zucchini! Get creative – lots of vegetables can be hollowed out and filled. Your kids can eat the filling and the vegetable bowl, which means less clean up.
  • 5. Presentation is everything and snack platters are cute and easy! On a colorful plate, place a small bowl filled with this Greek yogurt Fiesta dip. Arrange some pepper slices, whole wheat crackers, low-fat cheese stick and rolled up lean deli meat, like ham, turkey, or roast beef, around the bowl. The Greek yogurt provides additional protein and added calcium. Prep ahead of time so it’s ready to pull out of the fridge when those hungry kids get home!

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