press release

March 9, 2016

Media Contact:
Samantha Krepps
[email protected]


Carlisle, PA – GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets today announced that all of the seafood sold from its in-store service counters is now 100% sustainably and responsibly sourced. In addition, 100% of GIANT/MARTIN’S Nature’s Promise and Own Brand seafood products are also sustainably sourced, including frozen shrimp and canned tuna. In total, customers will find more than 200 sustainable seafood items at GIANT/MARTIN’S stores.

“We’re committed to selling high-quality seafood that’s good for both our customers and for the environment by working with seafood suppliers who practice responsible product sourcing,” said Tom Lenkevich, GIANT/MARTIN’S president. “Sustainable seafood is produced through methods that minimize environmental impact to ensure the longevity of the fishery or farm for customers to enjoy seafood both now and in the future.”

In order to make smart seafood purchasing decisions, GIANT/MARTIN’S created a standard that follows leading industry practices and certifications such as Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council or Best Aquaculture Practices. The retailer’s program ensures seafood has been farmed or fished in an environmentally responsible way meeting strict criteria. As part of this initiative, a comprehensive training program has been designed to further teach store associates about responsible sourcing and sustainable seafood, including species specific origin and sustainability criteria.

For more information and to view a video on GIANT/MARTIN’S commitment to sustainable seafood,visit the GIANT or MARTIN'S websites.

GIANT/MARTIN’S is committed to helping its customers save money, save time and eat well. Founded in 1923 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, GIANT/MARTIN’S operates nearly 200 grocery stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, under the names of GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets. GIANT/MARTIN’S employs more than 33,000 associates and is a division of Ahold USA. In addition to working with hundreds of local and regional organizations annually, GIANT/MARTIN’S has a long-standing focus on efforts to eradicate hunger and improve the quality of life for children. GIANT/MARTIN’S is one of the top ten fund-raisers in the country for local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. For more information visit the GIANT or MARTIN'S websites. Find GIANT and MARTIN'S on Facebook and on Twitter @GiantFoodStores or @MartinsFoodMkts.