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June 15, 2016

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Carlisle, PA - Following a recall by Mars Chocolate North America, GIANT Food Stores, LLC and MARTIN'S Food Markets announced it removed from sale certain varieties and production dates of COMBOS products that may contain peanut residue, which is not included in the ingredient list.

These products are safe to consume for individuals who do not suffer from a peanut allergy. The Food and Drug Administration advises consumers with severe peanut allergies to avoid the recalled products because of peanut residue in these products. The amount of peanut exposure from use of the recalled products is low and not expected to cause adverse health effects in the vast majority of peanut allergic consumers.

The following products, with a Best Before date ranging from March 2017 to April 2017 on the back of the package, are included in this recall:

  • COMBOS Cheddar Cheese Pretzel - Family Peg Pack, 6.3 oz., UPC 4141942005 with the following Code Dates: 613EAALB01; 613EBALB01; 613ECALB01; 613FAALB01; 613FBALB01; 614FAALB01; 614FBALB01 or 614FCALB01
  • COMBOS Pizzeria Pretzel - Medium Bag, 6.3 oz., UPC 4141942006 with the following Code Dates: 613FBALB01; 613FCALB01; 613GAALB01; 613GBALB01; 614DCALB01; 614EAALB01; 614EBALB01 or 614ECALB01
  • COMBOS Cheddar Cheese Cracker - Family Peg Pack, 6.3 oz., UPC 4141942007 with the following Code Dates: 614AAALB01; 614ABALB01; 614ACALB01 or 614BAALB01
  • COMBOS Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel - Family Peg Pack, 6.3 oz., UPC 4141942011 with the following Code Dates: 614CAALB01; 614CBALB01; 614CCALB01; 614DAALB01 or 614DBALB01

Symptoms of food allergies typically appear from within a few minutes to two hours after a person has eaten the food to which he or she is allergic. Allergic reactions can include: hives; flushed skin or rash; tingling or itchy sensation in the mouth; face, tongue, or lip swelling; vomiting and/or diarrhea; abdominal cramps; coughing or wheezing; dizziness and/or lightheadedness; swelling of the throat and vocal cords; difficulty breathing; loss of consciousness.

Customers who have purchased these products should discard any unused portions and bring their purchase receipt to GIANT/MARTIN'S for a full refund.

Consumers looking for additional information on the recall may call Mars at 800-556-7881. In addition customers may call GIANT/MARTIN'S Customer Service at 1-888-814-4268 for more information. Customers can also visit the Stop & Shop website at


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