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Food safety is a corporate priority for MARTIN’S. We maintain the highest standards of performance in the business in order to fulfill our commitment to customers that we mean business when it comes to food safety.

A food recall is a voluntary process initiated by a manufacturer or distributor to protect the public from products that may cause health problems or may be misbranded (incorrect labeling and/or packaging).

As soon as a recall is announced by a manufacturer or the US Government, stores are alerted and affected product is removed from the shelf. We offer a full refund to customers who have any concern with a product they have purchased in our stores.

This website lists Class I and Class II recalls of products that are available in our stores.

Class I - This is the most serious. Eating the food may cause health problems or even death.
Class II - This involves a potential health hazard where there is a remote probability of a health problem if the food is eaten.

For further information on recalls:


Other Special Announcements:

  • Call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline
  • Call the FDA Outreach and Information Center 1-888-723-3366.
  • Access these government websites:

» USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service


Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Product Recalls

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is actively investigating findings of Salmonella Tennessee in hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) manufactured by Basic Food Flavors, Inc., in Las Vegas, NV. HVP is a flavor enhancer used in a wide variety of processed food products, such as soups, sauces, chilis, stews, hot dogs, gravies, seasoned snack foods, dips, and dressings. It is often blended with other spices to make seasonings that are used in or on foods.

For more information on this recall from the FDA, click here.
»Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Product Recalls


 Product Recalls:
04/10/2014 Rising Moon Organics Basil Asiago and Pine Nut Pesto Ravioli
04/08/2014 Simply Organic Black Peppercorns
03/21/2014 Texas Wild Caught Shrimp 16/20
03/19/2014 Simply Lite Dark Chocolate Bar
03/14/2014 Dole Italian Blend Salad Mix
02/19/2014 El Monterey Steak & Cheese Taquito
02/16/2014 Hot Pockets Philly Steak & Cheese
01/20/2014 Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac

Product recall information is archived on this website beginning August 15, 2007. For information on recalls prior to that date, please visit

»Click here to see recall information posted prior to 3 months ago.

For further information on recalls:

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