Vital Baby Suction Bowl Unbelievabowl Blue - 9+M

Vital Baby Suction Bowl Unbelievabowl Blue - 9+M

1 ct pkg


Vital Baby® Suction Bowl Unbelievabowl™. Great British brand. Suction bowl. Unbelievabowl™ Super strong suction base. No more spills. What’s included?. 1 Unbelievabowl™. 1 Suction pad. Protect for feeding on highchairs and smooth surfaces. Removable bowl for food preparation and cleaning. Sans BPA free. 9+M. Safe for. Microwave. Dishwasher. Sterilizer. Super strong suction bowl. Our unique unbelievabowl™ has been designed to stick to your baby’s highchair or your tabletop* with ultimate super suction power. Simple and easy to attach. Once securely locked in position your baby will not be able to remove the bowl or spill its contents making mealtimes less stressful and less messy! Designed for ultimate convenience. Truly unbelievable! Full instructions for care and use are enclosed please read carefully before first use and retain for future reference. † Please note the unbelievabowl suction base is not suitable for microwaves or strerilizers. Truly unbelievabable! The unbelievabowl™ has been designed to stick to completely smooth surfaces. The unbelievabowl may not stick to surfaces or highchair trays made from wood or other non-smooth surfaces. Made in china to vital baby specification. Vital baby us a registered trademark. conforms to BS EN 14372. Any questions? Vital Innovations Canada Corp. 158 – 1136 Centre Street. Thornhill Ontario L4J 3M8. CAN: 1-877-957-2229. [email protected] © Vital innovations Canada Corp. 2016. All rights reserved.

4 simple steps to less mess and less stress at mealtimes. 1 Lift the lever and place the suction pad on baby’s highchair or on a smooth surface. 2 Press the lever down to secure the suction pad. 3 lower the unbelievabowl™ onto the suction pad. 4 Twist the unbelievabowl™ clockwise until you feel it click twice securely into place.


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