Peet's House Blend Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups

Peet's House Blend Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups

10 ct box

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100% Organic Arabica Coffee.


Lively, sweet, and familiar Latin blend. Genuine K-Cup pods. Our Story: It all started on Vine and Walnut Streets in Berkeley, California, where Alfred Peet opened his first shop in 1966 with one goal: to make coffee unlike anything America had tasted before. Today, we abide by his exacting standards to deliver the richest, most flavorful cup - using only the world's finest beans, hand roasting in small batches, and never compromising on freshness. 100% arabica coffee. The original craft coffee. The Americas: The perfect introduction to our signature style, highlighting Alfred Peet's pioneering of rich, distinctive coffees - strictly high-grown, finest quality, and deeply roosted to maximize flavor. Only Genuine K-Cup Pods are optimally designed by Keurig for your Keurig coffee maker to deliver the perfect beverage in every cup. Find us on or For brewer inquiries contact: 1-866-901-Brew/1-866-901-2739. To learn more, visit Visit to learn more. 800-999-2132. Recyclable (Not recycled in all communities) K-Cup pods. Peel, empty, recycle. This carton is made with recycled material. Please recycle.

Peel: Starting at puncture, peel lid and dispose. Empty: Compost or dispose of grounds. (Filter can remain). Recycle: Check locally (Not recycled in all communities) to recycle empty cup. Caution: Pod is hot. Allow to cool after use.

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