Rishi Green Tea Matcha Super Green Organic

Rishi Green Tea Matcha Super Green Organic

15 ct box

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Organic Green Tea.


Rishi® Green Tea Matcha Super Green Organic Bags, Box. USDA Organic. Our greenest green, with vibrantly fresh matcha & deeply sweet sencha. Tea bags. Net Wt 1.42 oz [40.5 g]. No leaf unturned: We are driven by a mission to connect tea drinkers to the origins of our teas. This mission carries Rishi buyers around the globe every year, collaborating with artisan tea farmers during the peak growing seasons. With an innovative spirit for trade, travel and study, we welcome you to join us on our botanical journey to leave no leaf unturned. Flavor story: Matcha Super Green is named for its vivid emerald green infusion and bountiful natural energy provided by pure Japanese matcha. This signature Rishi flavor combines sencha and stone-ground matcha green teas grown in the fertile volcanic soils in southern Japan's Kyushu region. Caffeine Level: High. Imported (Kyushu, Japan) Green Tea. Origin Profile: Origin: Kyushu, Japan. Elevation: 300-450 m. Cultivar: Asatsuyu, Yabukita, Okumidori, Oku Yutaka. Harvest Season: April-May. Sourcing Notes: Matcha is made by stone-milling a shade-grown leaf green tea called tencha into a fine powder. We designed our own unique blend of tencha cultivars to create the bright green color, fresh sweetness and creamy mouthfeel of the matcha in our Matcha Super Green. Non-GMO. Certified Organic by QAI, Inc. Call: 1.866.747.4483 (Toll Free). Visit: www.rishi-tea.com.

Brewing Guide: 160°F. 2-3 minutes. 8 oz Fresh spring or filtered water.

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