HealingSolutions Aromatherapy Starter Kit w/ Free Lavender Essential Oil

HealingSolutions Aromatherapy Starter Kit w/ Free Lavender Essential Oil

1 ct box


HealingSolutionsĀ® Aromatherapy Starter Kit. Ultrasonic illuminated diffuser. Included free. 100% pure lavender essential oil. Diffuser features: Switchable, warm seven colored led glow when unit is running. Safety shutoff if water drops below the safety line. Works with all healing solutions essential oils & blends. Attractive clean design adds a touch of class to any decor. 3.3 ounces (100ml) water capacity. Package contents: Diffuser base. Diffuser cover. Power cord. 10ml lavender essential oil. Model HS80005. 100% pure lavender essential oil: Lavender essential oil has been cherished as far back as the Romans and Egyptians because of the qualities it possesses. This healing solutions starter kit includes a 10ml (.33oz) bottle of 100% pure lavender essential oil so you can get started right away. Warming glow: Add to the calming experience with a warm multi colored glow light that is sure to add a touch of class to any decor. This led light boasts ultra low power consumption and will automatically power down when the water drops below the safety level. www.healingsolutions.com.

Safe and easy to use: Instructions: make sure the diffuser is unplugged. Separate the diffuser cover from the base by gently pulling the two sections apart. Set the diffuser base on a flat, dry surface a safe distance from water or heat. Using a separate container, pour no more than 3.3 ounces (100ml) of tap water into the top of the diffuser base well until the fill line is covered. Do not use distilled water. Add 4-6 drops of your favorite healing solutions essential oil or blend. Re-install the diffuser cover and plug in the power cord. Press the 'mist' button near the bottom of the diffuser base. The light will turn red indicating continuous working mode. Press the 'mist' button a second time and the light will turn green indicating interval mist mode. Press the 'mist' button a third time to power down the unit. To diffuse without light, turn the unit on then press the 'light' button on the base unit the light turns off. This turns the light feature off while the diffuser continues to operate.


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