CareOne Premium Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

CareOne Premium Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

80 ct pkg


100% cotton. Gentle exfoliating raised textured surface. Perfect for removal of makeup, cosmetics, nail polish, and facial masques. Soft side to apply lotions. Our CareOne Exfoliating Cotton Rounds are designed on one side to provide just the right texture for gentle exfoliation, while still being super soft on the other side, in order to accommodate all of your skin care needs! Both cleanse and exfoliate with these rounds. Use the raised textured surface side to gently scrub and exfoliate face, leaving skin fresh and rejuvenated. Use the soft, embossed side to remove makeup and polish or to apply lotions and remove facial masques. 1 raised textured surface exfoliating side + 1 soft embossed side = 2 uses for the same pad! For product questions or concerns, contact us at 1-877-846-9949.

Recloseable. Press to seal.


Ahold USA