CareOne Blood Pressure Monitor With Wide-Range Cuff

CareOne Blood Pressure Monitor With Wide-Range Cuff

1 ct box


CareOne™ Blood Pressure Monitor. With wide-range cuff. Stores 120 total measurements. Wide range cuff included. Accurate measurements. 2 person memory banks. Irregular heartbeat detection. Wide-range arm cuff. RX, our pharmacists recommend. 1 monitor kit. About your cuff: This monitor comes with a wide-range arm cuff. Fits arm circumference: 8.6 in. - 16.5 in. (22 cm - 42 cm). Traditional D-ring style cuff allows for easy application. Soft fabric with secure hook and loop closure provides a comfortable fit. Not made with natural rubber latex. Cuff size selection: To determine the proper cuff size, measure the circumference of your left upper arm at the point halfway between the bend at your elbow and your shoulder. Choose the cuff with the range that best accommodates your arm size measurement. Using an incorrect cuff size could result in inaccurate readings. Only approved CareOne™ brand cuffs will accurately work with this model. All-inclusive value: Monitor, wide-range arm cuff, storage case, four AAA batteries, instructions, quick start guide, FAQ pamphlet, order form, and charting log. Features: Clinically accurate readings. Intelligent inflation. One-button blood pressure measurements. Fully automatic inflation and deflation. Simultaneous systolic, diastolic and pulse results. 2 person memory bank: 120-readings, 60 per user. Memory recall with date/time stamp. Average of last 3 readings. Hypertension indicator. Irregular heartbeat detection. Automatic shut-off. Wide-range cuff fits arm size: 8.6 in. -16.5 in. (22 cm ~ 42 cm). Special feature: Faster and more comfortable readings. Intelligent inflation: Utilizes results history during measurement to determine inflation level, allowing for a faster measurement and more comfortable reading. Be smart about your heart: Eat a healthy diet. Exercise regularly. Monitor your blood pressure. Home monitoring can help identify changes in your blood pressure. To achieve the maximum benefits from your monitor and for interpretation of blood pressure readings, consult your physician or healthcare professional. Product support: Illustrated instruction manual. Dedicated customer care help line. Lifetime limited warranty. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Customer care help line: Representatives are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM CST. Toll-free 866-326-1313. 1-877-846-9949. ©2017 S&S Brands, LLC.

Operation environment: Temperature 50 degrees F - 104 degrees F (10 degrees C - 40 degrees C). Humidity =85% RH. Storage environment: Temperature -4 degrees F - 122 degrees F (-20 degrees C - 50 degrees C). Humidity =85% RH.

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