CareOne Pill Splitter Ultra for Vitamins & Medications

CareOne Pill Splitter Ultra for Vitamins & Medications

1 ct pkg



Caution: contains cutting edge. Keep out of reach of children.


CareOne™ Ultra Pill Splitter. For vitamins and medications. Self retracting blade guard, for added safety. Pill Grip™ has a flexible non-slip cutting surface. Pill splitters should not be used to cut certain pills. Consult your pharmacist or physician before cutting any medications. ©2006 S&S Brands, Inc. Quality guaranteed or your money back.

To use: 1. Set open splitter on firm surface, place pill in the point of the Pill Grip™ "V". 2. Lower lid until splitter blade lightly touches pill surface. 3. Look at pill positioning through clear view from above. 4. Make any final adjustments to pill positioning on Pill Grip™ surface. 5. Press lightly to split pill.

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Ahold USA, Inc.