Fungi-Nail Toe Anti-Fungal Pen Maximum Strength

Fungi-Nail Toe Anti-Fungal Pen Maximum Strength

0.101 oz pkg


No. 1 pharmacist recommended. New improve formula. Clinically proven to cure and prevent fungal infections. Triple Action Formula: Kills fungus; stops itching & burning; restores skin health. Clinically proven ingredient. Infused with 5 natural oils including tea tree, eucalyptol, aloe vera, olive and lavender plus antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin C. Fungi-Nails is specially formulated to kill fungus and restore skin health. Deep penetrating medicine that stays in place convenient and easy to apply pen applicator. For best results treat around all toenails and in between toes. Not for nail or scalp fungus. Cures most athlete's foot. For more information about Fungi-Nail and money back guarantee, visit us at


Kramer Laboratories