TheraBreath Oral Rinse Anticavity Sparkle Mint

TheraBreath Oral Rinse Anticavity Sparkle Mint

16 oz btl

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Anticavity oral rinse. Certified Gluten-Free. Certified Vegan: AVA - American Vegetarian Association. New. Professional formula. Dentist formulated. Fights cavities for 24 hours (For 24 hr Cavity Protection, rinse daily after brushing and flossing). Strengthens teeth + improves their appearance freshens breath. Helps rebuild weakened tooth enamel and reverse early tooth decay. No alcohol. Made just for you by Therabreath. Here's Our Story: A healthy smile looks radiant. As a dentist who has treated thousands of patients, Dr. Katz has learned there is nothing better for your appearance than a self-confident smile and great smelling breath. This new Healthy Smile formula freshens breath as it restores the pearlescent sparkle and natural luminance of healthy teeth. - Dr. Harold Katz. Dentist & Bacteriologist. Approved for diabetics. No artificial flavors or colors. Phone: 1-800-973-7374. Web: Committed to a greener planet. Never tested on animals.

Country of Origin

Proudly Made In The USA.,USA