Amodex Ink & Stain Remover Non-Toxic

Amodex Ink & Stain Remover Non-Toxic

1 oz btl


California Prop 65 compliant.


Featured on Martha Steward Living and Good Morning America. Many stains. One solution. Removes: Sharpie; grass; crayon; ink/dye; paint; grease/oil; coffee/tea; wine/berries; chocolate; tomato; blood and much more! Safe to use on all fabrics, surfaces, and even skin! Featuring our unique, cream soap formula. Amodex Removes: Oil-Related Stains: chocolate; salad dressing; cosmetics/lipstick; gravy; machine oils/grease; crayon (crayola recommended); tree sap; tar; perspiration/deodorant; sauces & soy sauce. Dye-Related Stains: berries; mustard/ketchup; grass; fruit juice/kool-aid; red wine; tomato sauce; blood; turmeric/curry; scuff marks; hair dye; Georgia clay. Ink-Related Stains: permanent marker/Sharpie/ ballpoint/gel/felt tip; calligraphy; stamp pad; toner; fountain pen; acrylic paint; frixion; expo & magic markers; printing & industrial and more! Amodex is Safe & Effective on: Fabrics: blends; canvas; cashmere; corduroy; cotton; microfiber; nylon; polyester; rayon; silk; velour. Materials: corian; fiberglass; formica; leather; metal; rubber; tile; vinyl; wood; plastics. Surfaces: auto upholstery; carpts; appliances; laminates; linoleum; drapery; walls; flooringl white boards; upholstery - safe on skin, and more! Always test for colorfastness by applying in a hidden area, rubbing in, and rinsing. Our Story: In 1957, our grandfather Peter created a solution to remove stubborn ink from his hands at the end of long days in the printing industry. He soon realized that his formula removed all types of ink and stains from clothing, too. Peter and his wife Sylvia named their creation Amodex, and formed what is now a multi-generational family business. In 2005, our Mom, Beverlee, took the helm to lead the company with two sets of twin children in tow. We're very proud of Amodex and the legacy of our grandparent's hard work to create such an innovative and versatile product. Thank you for trying us out - once you discover the many uses for Amodex, we know you'll be passionate about it, too. -Peter, Alexander, Marica and Nicolas Dacey. Women owned. Non-toxic & eco-friendly! Cruelty free.

Country of Origin

Made In USA Of Only US-sourced Materials.,USA